Hunter Photography Prize 2018: Your shot at instant frame

Hunter Photography Prize 2018: Your shot at instant frame Picture by Sharon Leatham

SUMMER SLIDING: Little Lachie playing on the water slide he got for Christmas: Picture: Richard Sellick

Winner: Jo Davis’ shot at Newcastle Ocean Baths.

Readers’ choice: Erin Murphy’s 13-year-old border collie-cross, Banjo, enjoying the sunrise at Caves Beach.

Highly commended: Leanne Maffesoni’s shot of a flesh-footed shearwater coming in to land on the ocean surface off Port Stephens.

Picture: Josie Fitzhardinge

Picture: Dave Briskham

Picture: Justine Stanbury

Picture: Hollie Booth

Picture: Jennifer Newman

Picture: Floyd Mallon

JIMMY’S FISHERMAN: Sunrise fishing shot at Winda Woppa Jimmy’s Beach Hawks Nest. Picture: Fiona Mitchell

MAGICAL CAVES: This image was taken with my underwater camera at Caves Beach. Picture: Chelsea Joyce

FEEDING THE PELICANS: Our daughter, Ava, 4, at Salamander Bay. Picture: Emma Jane Dunn

THE DREAMER: Shot taken on Nobby’s Beach. Picture: Kathy Rothwell

PELICAN SUNSET: Taken at Corlette. Picture: David Walters

BATHERS: Swimmer (Sherlie). Picture: Simon Ruddy

TIN CITY: Storm approaching over Tin City, Stockton Beach. Picture: Shane Wallwork

GIRLS PICNIC: Two women enjoying a picnic under a sunset rainbow at Redhead Beach. Picture: David Diehm

HARBOUR NIGHTS: I took this while eating Harry’s hotdogs one evening watching a storm roll in. Picture: Ty Neilson

SUNSET: At Swansea fish co-op. Picture: Lynne Brunner

STACK OF SHARKS: North Rock, Broughton Island. Picture: Ryan Sault

LEARNING TO SWIM: Chris with our goldie puppy Teddy at Horseshoe Beach. Picture: Karla Lemmert

BUBBLE: Taken on my verandah, blowing bubbles for my dog to chase. Picture: Hannah Scarborough

FAMILY LOVE: My niece and nephew sharing an ice block on a hot day. Picture: Robyn Bartlett

FLOWER PARADISE: Beautiful ranunculus in their summer glory. Taken at King Edward Park. Picture: Kim Jones

NOBBY’S STAR TRAIL: Taken over about 50 minutes at this iconic spot in Newcastle. Picture: Grant Minns

FINALE 2016: Sunset New Year’s Eve. Taken at Morpeth. Picture: Darrell Williams

BEACH WORKOUT WITH JAZZ: Our dog, Jazz, captured by a Go Pro on Blacksmiths Beach. Picture: Stacy Goldsmith

SUNRISE SWIM: Taken at the Bogey Hole at high tide. Picture: Stuart Slater

HUNGRY PELICANS: Pelicans and gulls in a hungry mood on Wanda Beach, Salamander Bay. Picture: Frank Rajnovic

HUNTER COWBOY: Heath Nickols was the 2016 Champion All Round Cowboy. Seen here at a rodeo in Bendemeer. Picture: Joan Faras

MIA AND BOOTS: Magpie Boots was saved and hand reared by friends, and lives part time in the house. Picture: Michelle Herman

WALKING ON WATER: At Beresfield Pool. Picture: Camilla Julian

LOVING LIFE: One of my boys and his horse on our property near Denman. Picture: Michaell-Lee Freeman


MY FEET: Shades of summer. Picture: Vicki Gamble

BOGEY HOLE CROW: Taken at top of path at the Bogey Hole. Picture: John McGain

HITTING ALL THE RIGHT NOTES: Lee Trewelha at a fundraising gig. Picture: Michael Hocking-Gill

HOW TO SUMMER IN AUSTRALIA: Cooling off in the Hunter River at Lake Glenbawn camping grounds. Picture: Renee Standen

SUMMER SUNFLOWERS: Bright sunflowers lighting up Woodrising. Picture: Megan Willis

AT THE END OF THE DAY: My sister and niece walking their dogs late in the evening at Redhead Beach. Picture: Eilis Corrigan

SUMMER FROG: Every summer we love finding these beautiful red-eyed tree frogs in our mango tree. Picture: Sherilee Sharpe

GONE FISHIN’: Afternoon fishing at Eleebana. Picture: Paul Martin

FLY AWAY HOME: Lady beetle grazing. Speers Point backyard. Picture: Tracey Brandscheid

APRIL SUPER STORM/SWELL: A huge set of waves coming in at sunset next to Merewether Ocean Baths. Picture: Chris Beetham

BOAT AT LOW TIDE: Photographed at Tanilba Bay. Picture: Caitlin Mudd

SUMMER POOL PARTY: Shot taken with a drone on a very hot day in Cessnock. Picture: Tom Kempe

COOLING DOWN: Niece Harriet, 5, enjoying some summer fun in the backyard. Picture: Erin Murphy

DAWN AT BROKE: Picture: Lyn Garner

FOLLOW THAT FLOAT: My son in law and a friend enjoy the water at Upper Allyn. Picture: Rhea Walton

FIERY BACKDROP: Shot at Byalee Stables in Nulkaba. Picture: Ann-Maree Lourey

WATER FUN: Sisters with a hose in pink bath. Picture: Jenny Dimmock

FREE SPIRIT: She was told not to jump, so what did she do? Picture: Ashleigh Condon

SHOAL BAY BEACH: Picture: Anthony Thomas

WATCHING: A tawny frogmouth keeps a close eye on me in the backyard. Picture: Sienna Nicholson

CRASHING WAVES: My son Joel at the beach in front of Dixon Beach Surf Lifesaving Club. Picture: Rebecca Connett

HILL BOMBING: My son skateboarding down the hill as the sun sets behind Newcastle Beach development. Picutre: Lesley Irvine

EARTH: Taken at my parents farm in Mount Thorley on a 40-degree day after a storm the night before. Picture: Jennifer Poulsen

LONE FIGURE: Newcastle Baths at sunset. Picture: Louise Craig

REFLECTIONS: Picture: Tracey Evans

BACKYARD AFTER A STORM: Picture: Vicki Gamble

SHOAL BAY WHARF: Picture: Anthony Thomas

OCEAN SCENE: Picture: Kyle Parnell

SUNSET SWIM: My sister Brody enjoying a swim at one of our favourite beaches – Shoal Bay. Picture: Charly Gertz

SMOKY RFLECTIONS:Taken at East End Oval in Cessnock. Picture: Mishelle Dal Bianco

ANZAC WALK SUNSET: Picture: Wayne Ford

COOL CATERPILLAR: This little visitor was photographed in mum’s veggie garden. Picture: Joseph Howlett

MULBERRY PIE: Using Grandma’s handed down recipe. Picture:Tracey Brandscheid

PALOMA BLANCA: A white dove in flight. Taken at Fassifern. Picture: Kyle Field

SUNSET POSERS: Low tide at sunset beach, Soldiers Point. Picture: Samantha Hartmann

BEACH BABY: Squirt enjoying Caves Beach. Picture: Tracey Preston

SHIPWRECK: The wreck of the Adolphe lit by the setting sun. Picture: Louise Craig

ROMANTIC SUNSET: At Lake Macquarie. Picture: Kristeen Parsons

REVAMP: One of the many buildings being built in Newcastle. Photo: William Parker

DAY AT THE BEACH: My nephew, Alexander, launching himself out of the water at Caves Beach. Picture: Daniel John Kett

SILHOUETTE: A winged insect gazing upon its own shadow on the path. Picture: Kyle Field

A SPRING DAY: Looking at Newcastle coastline. Picture: Natalie-ann Lee

AFTERNOON SKY OVER TERALBA: Taken on Creek Reserve Rd, Boolaroo. Picture: Anne Karuso

SUMMER FUN: Taken at Singleton Swim and Gym at the start of summer. Picture: Susan Adamson

BEAUTIFUL GREEN TREE FROG: Green always stands out at night. Picture: Emily Playford

PADDLE PALS: Grandkids having fun on Broughton Island. Picture: John Lubbock

OLD BAR: Sun, sea and sand. Picture: Darren Waller

OFF AND RUNNING: Our foster dog, Olive, having a run in the sunset. Picture: Alison Robertson

HUNTER VALLEY CAMPING: Camping on a ridgeline under the Milky Way. Picture: Eamon Waddington

SUMMER WEDDING: Wedding photos among the bathers. Picture: Renae Patterson

LINE OF FIRE: Drama in the sky. Picture: Donna Buchanan

ZENITH BEACH: We camped overnight and woke up to this incredible sunrise. Picture: Eamon Waddington

DEVIL’S FIRE: Amazing sunrise over the beach. Picture: Michael Delore

A WALK IN THE PARK: My son Noah and Pug Curley. Picture: Rebecca Parsons

SUMMER SERENITY: Newcastle Ocean Baths. Picture: Kathryn Garkut

THE ONLY WAY IS UP: Taken at the botanical gardens in Heatherbrae. Picture: Sarai Brown

THE COLOURS WILL NEVER FADE: The setting of the sun on the memorial to the fallen – ANZAC Memorial Walk. Picture: Michael Hocking-Gill

LANDSCAPE LOVE: The Hunter Valley Gardens light show, just before sunset. Picture: Katelyn Blackburn

ENJOYING SOME AIR TIME: Buddy the border collie. Picture: Joshua Burg

MOUNTAIN VIEW: Captured at Bennetts Beach, Hawks Nest. Picture: Caine Miller

BEAK OUT: My daughter walked up behind a pelican, which turned its head, opened its beak and scared her. Picture: Kira Stocks

SUMMER SWIM: For some reason, Bar Beach was full of people at 10pm when this storm approached. Picture: Michael Delore

12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS: Our flowering gum with a local rainbow lorikeet. Picture: Jade Pilgrim

SWAMP SON: My son enjoying the Hunter Wetlands on my parents’ farm at Lenaghan. Picture: Clint Hardes

MAKYBE: Making friends at Alan Scorse Stables, Adamstown. Picture: Nick Feros

BATHS COLOURS: Waves crash over the eastern swimming blocks at Bar Beach. Picture: Michael Delore

MESMERISED: Watching the world go by and their yard changing. Picture: Monique Duff

CALM: An opportune moment on a road trip home from Forster. Picture: Jim Mirow

THE OLD SWING: An image of childhood memories taken at Valentine. Picture: Jim Mirow

BATHS AT DAWN: A sunrise at Merewether Baths. Picture: Jim Mirow

BIRDS EYE, NEWCASTLE: Shot from a drone on a unusually warm winter day. Photo: Michael Delore

SWELL TIME: A moveable scene at Merewether Baths. Picture: Richard Hogan

BAR BEACH GROMMETS: Action on Bar Beach. Picture: Nick Feros

PRE-SUNRISE COLOUR: Image taken during low tide at The Cowrie Hole. Picture: Andrew Frith

SUMMER PICNICS: A birthday picnic in King Edward Park. Picture: Tim Ford

UNDER THE MILKY WAY: “The stars sparkled above the old shack. Luckily I had my camera handy.” Picture: Michael Delore

FIRE AND WATER: A long-awaited moment to set off some steel wool sparks at Glenrock Conservation Area. Picture: Jim Mirow

LAKE PLACID: If you look closely, you will see my sister resting in the tree, enjoying the view of Lake Macquarie. Picture: Jim Mirow

MUDDY WATERS: My children Willow, 5, and Jackson, 7, jumping in the last of winters puddles. Picture: Jade Pilgrim

GHOST IN THE DARKNESS: A swooping stingray captured heading into the blue off Hawks Nest in July. Picture: Caine Miller

IN BLOOM: A bright yellow and lively floral specimen at Toronto surrounded by decaying flowers. Picture: Kyle Field

CUDDLED UP: These pelicans snoozing on the light pole at Nelson Bay put a smile on my face. Picture: Nina Horvath

MORNING GLORY: An attempted sunrise shot caught this surfer heading out at the Cowrie Hole. Picture: Michael Cross

THE WORLD’S A STAGE: “Trying to put my niece Avah to sleep in the pram. All she wanted to do was show off.” Picture: Crystal Korner

COLD FEET: A morning swim in winter at Newcastle baths as the water is warming up in the sun. Picture: Brooke Lee Whyte

TIME FOR A BATH: Boys doing what they do best at Baerami. Picture: Colleen Adams

NIGHT SWIMMING: Dusk is approaching as a young man contemplates the raging waves. Picture: Michael Hocking

GOLDEN GATES: A misty sunrise over Iron Gate Estate at Pokolbin in June. Picture: Timothy Lowe

WRONG STEP: “This shot was taken during a storm in August. My sister stamped in a puddle.” Picture: William Parker

RED SKIES: Taken from the roof of the Chelmsford Hotel overlooking the fires that swept through Abermain. Picture: Nicole Brown

STREETS OF GOLD: The Levee at Maitland in November, prepared for end of year festivities. Picture: Kevin Parsons

A BITE OUT OF LIFE: Phoebe and Trix having a summer splash in the backyard pool. Picture: Nick Feros

COOL BLAST: The Boat Harbour blow hole in November, spotting during a walk looking at rock pools. Picture: Amanda Playford

GREEN SEAS: The verdant lawn outside Halifax Park lighthouse at Shoal Bay. Picture: Anthony Thomas

SEEING DOUBLE: Danica Allgood riding kindred spirit and 14-year-old pinto mare Cowgirls Don’t Cry. Picture: Kelli Allgood

TURN ON THE BRIGHT LIGHTS: Displays at Hunter Valley Gardens caught in the fading dusk. Picture: Katelyn Blackburn

CASTLES IN THE SAND: Sunset over Newcastle Ocean Baths in December. Picture: Kathryn Garkut

NICE TRY: A sulphur-crested cockatoo trying to take the top off a solar light on Christmas Day. Picture: Kevin Parsons

SANDY TOES: Footprints in the sand at Manning Point in February last year. Picture: Donna Buchanan

Picture: Wayne Ford

Picture: Nick Feros

Picture: Kyle Field

Picture: Geoff Kidd

Picture: Richard Hogan

Picture: Daniel Lawrence

Picture: Karen Hurry

Picture: Samantha Hartmann

NEWY TOURISTS: Newcastle Memorial Walk doesn’t just have a great atmosphere, but also great history. Photo: Sienna Brinkley

A TWO FOOT EXPOSURE: Photo:Greg Rendle

MURRAY’S SUNSET: Shot at Murrays Beach jetty. Photo: Emma Grant

THE CO-PILOT: While waiting at Newcastle airport, this twin engine propeller plane caught my eye. Photo: Luke Watt

SUMMER FUN: My daughter enjoying the beach. Photo: Melanie Craft

SUNRISE COMING UP: Lake Macquarie. Photo: Shaun Fenning

MEET AYA: One of the baristas at Xtraction Espresso, in Bolton Street, Newcastle. Photo: Courtney Mckean

LITTLE FLOWER: Growing in grandma’s garden. Photo: Isabelle Hillier

WATERMELON JOY: Taken at Rutherford. Photo: Melanie Smith

BEST MATES: ‘Our son Flynn was washing his bike and it quickly turned into a water fight with dog Dusty’. Photo: Kristen Wells

MORNING SWIM: This was captured last summer at Merewether Ocean Baths during a sunrise swim at 6am. Photo: Chris Beetham

RAISE OUR LATERNS: Light the night, taken at the Leukaemia Foundation walk. Photo: Emma Grant

MERRY WEATHER SPLASH: Taken at Merewether Beach.Photo: Melanie Smith

A MEMORY: Taken July 2016, the old Queens Wharf bridge in Newcastle. Photo: Luke Watt

BYRON: Portrait and fashion. Photo: Mequila Pickles

BAYADISE: A boat washed ashore on Tanilba Bay after a big storm. Photo: Luke Watt

MELVILLE FORD CROSSING: Hunter River. Photo: Melanie Smith

TIME TO BURN: Burning dead trees as my son walks away from the intense heat. Photo: Colleen Adams

AN AUSSIE KIDS’ CHRISTMAS: Zali, Cohen and Carter at Blacksmiths Beach. Photo: Mia Goodwin

FUN IN THE MUD: Boys doing what they do best. Photo: Colleen Adams

DOG WALK AT DUSK: On Warners Bay esplanade. Photo: Jack Hillier

BEACH BOYS: Shot at Caves Beach, December 2016. Photo: Jenny Marjoribanks

Twilight Surf: Taken in October as a surfer enjoys the early warm weather at Newcastle Beach. Photo: Mitchell Griffin

MORNING FLIGHT: Over Nobbys early in January.Photo: Aaron Roberts

BAR BEACH TAKE OFF: A mate looking down the line before dropping in. Photo: Chris Beetham

CRAB ON SHARK ISLAND: Photo: Andrea Rozsa

SUNRISE COLOURS: A summer sunrise at Dixon Park Beach. Photo: Chris Beetham

BITING DUST: Aberdeen Campdrafting 2016. Photo: Grahame Heuston

PELICAN TRIO: Taken at Anna Bay Fenninghams Island. Photo: Kellie-anne Williams


LIGHTNING: On Redhead Beach sand dunes. ‘Shortly after this shot we had to make a run for it as it started to rain’. Photo: Kellie-anne Williams.

MORNING FEELS: This sleepy kitty makes the perfect model. Photo: Sienna Brinkley

WINTER WAVES AND WESTERLIES: Taken from Bar Beach. Photo: Andrew MacDonald

MY WALKING TRACK: Taken at Aberdeen. Photo: Tracey Malone

APPROACHING STORM WITH COW: Denman. Photo: Anne Collins

CIVIC BY NIGHT: Shot from the ANZAC Memorial Walk. The long exposure captures the city’s beauty. Photo: Mitchell Griffin

IVY ROSE: Photo: Stacie Hughes

END OF A CHAPTER: Year 12. Photo: Rachael Cappiello

FLANNEL FLOWERS: Towards Fingal Point. Photo: Andrea Rozsa

I CAN’T BELIEVE I LIVE HERE: A gorgeous sunset from Newcastle Baths. Photo: Pearl Nunn

NEWCASTLE EAST: Photo: Oly Steel.

PASTEL MORNING: Merewether Baths on a cold morning. Photo: Bryce Garrett

CLIMBING: Iris Moore Reserve, Anna Bay. Photo: Peter Vaughan

A SWINGING TIME: Cooling off under the bridge over the Hunter River in Aberdeen. Photo: Michelle Williams

REDHEAD SUMMER: Photo: Oly Steel.

KIDS POOL: Newcastle Baths. Photo: Jack Kelly

MAN AND DOG: Taken at King Edward Park. Photo: Lauren Poppi

HAPPY PUPPY DOG: Out for a stroll. Photo: Gordon Freeman

HER FAVOURITE SPOT: On the grass hill at Dixon Park. Photo: Jason De Iuliis

REFLECTIVE FUN: If you tip this picture upside down the reflection of the simple childhood fun is mirrored. Photo: Michelle Williams

STARTING BLOCKS: A walk on the break wall then a swim in the ocean baths is my favourite Newcastle ritual. Photo: Lauren Poppi

AFTERNOON LIGHT: My partner, Mark, before an afternoon walk with our dog Ally on Redhead Beach. Photo: Lauren Poppi

FIRE SURVEY: My partner surveying what is left of the bush behind our place in Weston after the bush fires. Photo: Tina Harris

ROCK POOLS: Newcastle beach. Photo: Jack Kelly



2017: Photo: Jessica Walmsley

2017: Photo: Jessica Walmsley

2017: Zenith Beach – Shoal Bay. Photo: Andrew Dawes

2017: Photo: Samantha Ashcroft

2017: Merewether Beach. Photo: Alan Rice

2017: Pelicans snoozing on the light pole at Nelson Bay. Photo: Nina Horvath

2017:Waiting to pinch our hot chips. Photo: Tabitha Downie

2017: Taken at Cockle Creek. Photo: Tony Lawrence

Picture by Ash Murray

Picture by Kerry Franks

Picture by Shane Abrahamson

Picture by Christine Joy Roberts

Picture by Brett Delaney

Picture by Leanda Guy

Picture by Louise Faulkner

Picture by Rochelle Carlson

Picture by Tony Parezanovic

Picture by Athena McAuley

Picture by Skye Lindsay

Picture by Matthew Watt

Picture by Jenny Cahill

Picture by Madeleine Hopkins

Picture by Jenny Cahill

Picture by Kathy Rothwell

Picture by Di Gribble

Picture by Christine Joy Roberts

Picture by Terry J. Lewin

Picture by Glenda Wrightson

Picture by Steve Adams

Picture by Amelia Sadler

Picture by Yvette Avard

Picture by Leanne Baxter

Picture by Paul Burke

Picture by Adam Ridgway

Picture by Karen Lilley

Picture by Paul O’Brien

Picture by Amma-Lou Carson

Picture by Linda Coleman

Picture by Ash C Beavan

Picture by Craig Lancaster

Picture by Peter Kennelly

Picture by Olga Bell

Picture by Heidi Riseley

Picture by Michael Baker

Picture by Alan Johns

Picture by Nissa Lee

Picture by Linda Rickard

Picture by Aleisha Callinan

Picture by Paris Lee

Picture by Linda Delve

Picture by Anthony Furniss

Picture by Danielle Ross

Picture by Penny Dunstan

Picture by Katherine Williams

Picture by Alan Johns

Picture by Brad Lambert

Picture by Vanessa Moncrieff

Picture by Samantha Berrigan

Picture by Stewart Pennington

Picture by Ryan Davis

Picture by Judy Fuller

Picture by Matthew Mollison

Picture by Oly Steel

Picture by Chris O’Neill

Picture by Luke Russell

Picture by Garry See

Picture by Jay Small

Picture by Abbie Howard and Timothy Sheppard

Picture by Peter Wells

Picture by Liz Niland

Picture by Jayne Smolen

Picture by Jarrod Arps

Picture by Jessica Williams

Picture by Susan Cummings

Picture by Catherine Boyd

Picture by Amanda Nash

Picture by Mel Graham

Picture by Elisabeth Scornavacchi

Picture by Danny Sky

Picture by Aaron W Mansfield

Picture by Ray Smith

Picture by Catherine Boyd

Picture by Bev Wilson

Picture by Keith Craig

Picture by Julie Hunt

Picture by Jemma Harbison

Picture by Christine Douglass

Picture by David Diehm

Picture by Geoff Lee

Picture by Elisabeth Scornavacchi

Picture by Glen Cox

Picture by Marie Lee

Picture by Amma-Lou Carson

Picture by Annette Holmes

Picture by Andrew de Beer

Picture by Mark Sweeney

Picture by Gavin Colson

Picture by Stephen Baldwin

Picture by Wayne Harvey

Picture by David Seabrook

Picture by Mark Sweeney

Picture by Black Crow Walking

Picture by Wayne Ford

Picture by Joshua Lackey

PIcture by Katie Moy

Picture by Peter Abery

Picture by Ian McQualter

Picture by Debra Farrell

Picture by Kerry Cameron

Picture by David Seabrook

Picture by Alec Poulton

Picture by Andrew Whitbread-Brown

Picture by Todd Lane

Picture by Karen Lilly

Picture by Jeff Davies

Picture by Samantha Carter

Picture by Tracey Brandscheid

Picture by Jemma Harbison

Picture by Eric Villa

Picture by Elisabeth Scornavacchi

Picture by Tim Ward

Picture by Nick Flanagan.

Picture by Joshua Plummer.

Picture by Cindy Merifield

Picture by Cindy Merifield

Picture by Bayden Ellison.

Photo: Nick McMahon

Photo: Nick Feros

Picture by Owen Cross

Picture by Linda Rickard.

Photo: Nick Flanagan

Picture by John Julian

Photo: Stu Mountford

Photo: Aidan Gageler

Picture by Nick Flanagan.

Photo: Rachelle Corcoran

Photo: Alicia Forrester

Picture by Liam Martin.

Photo: Blake Dahl

Photo: Bernd C. Schmid

Photo: Shane Blue

Photo: Deanne Morris

Picture by Alyssa Wojcik.

Photo: Niamh Fitzsimons

Photo: Craig Shales

Photo: Johanna Blinnikka

Photo: Lorena Mills

Photo: Diane Schofield

Photo: Lorena Mills

Photo: Joshua Walker

Picture by Tony Hill.

Photo: Paul Zuljan

Photo: Randa Magdi

Photo: Chloe Devonshire

Photo: Stu Mountford

Photo: Lauren Steuart

Photo: Briana Sampson

Photo: Elisabeth Scornavacchi

Photo: Melina Roberts

Picture by Melanie Powell.

Picture by Olivia Trinka

Picture by Jo Davis

Picture by Melanie Powell

Picture by Nigel Dale.

Picture by Daniel Johnson

Picture by Olivia Trinka

Waves splashing against the rocks caught Lee Harsthorne’s attention at Bar beach, but it was the colours that held it.

Moments before sunrise, East Maitland’s Mitchell Griffin snapped a shot he called 40 degree day.

Early riser Taylah Douglass, of Stockton, captured this shot of the revamped diving blocks at Merewether baths at sunrise.

Picture by Anthony Kelly

Picture by Daniel Johnson

Picture by GCB Photography

Picture by GCB Photography

Picture by Bob Todd

Picture by Daniel Johnson

Picture by GCB Photography

Picture by Claire Jensen.

Picture by Jake Hodges

Picture by Donna Wallace.

Picture by GCB Photography

Picture by Ruth Vogele.

Picture by Jake Hodges

Picture by Christopher Lynch

Picture by Melissa Evans.

Picture by Mike Lowing

Picture by John Beddoe.

Picture by Olivia Trinka

Picture by Ruth Vogele

Picture by Dean Abraham

Picture by Dean Abraham

Picture by GCB Photography

Picture by Dean Abraham

Picture by Christopher Lynch

Picture by Sharon Leatham

Charlestown’s Matt Burgess says he was thrilled to catch this photo at Redhead beach in October while playing around with exposures.

Stockton’s Paul Lancaster offers a glimpse of “Life in the Country” with this shot from five years ago. It was taken at Serendipity, near Evans Head.

The smooth patterns left in the sand by a “Retreating Tide” gave Ravelle King a stunning sight to photograph at Nobbys beach.

Stockton’s Karen Taylor uses the worn timber walkway at Newcastle Ocean Baths to provide a striking depth of field in “Always Summer”.

This shag sunning himself at the edge of Honeysuckle Wharf earlier in November gave Stockton’s Karen Taylor a stark subject.

A low and unusual perspective puts the stinger at the centre of Lee Hartshorne’s Newy Bluey, helping it stand out on the sand.

Photo: Nick Feros

Photo: Janelle Newbegin

Photo: Dean Harmes

Photo: Diane Schofield

Photo: Elisabeth Scornavacchi

Photo: Eamon Waddington

Photo: Gavin Morris

Photo: Jake Blenkinsop

Photo: Lynda Hinton

Photo: Randa Magdi

Photo: Dave Newcombe

Photo: Sam Miller

Photo: Nicole Grant

Photo: Tom Lambie

Photo: Nathan McGeorge

Photo: Adam Smith

Photo: Aidan Gageler

Photo: Patrick Kenny

Photo: Stacey Anderson

Photo: Stu Mountford

Picture by Samantha Hartmann

Picture by Nik Cejovic

Picture by Elisabeth Scornavacchi

Picture by Elisabeth Scornavacchi

Picture by Christopher Lynch

Picture by Tim Smith.

Picture by Patrick Kenny

Melting Moments. Photo by Tracey Courts

Picture by Katie Grogan

Picture by Russell Spencer

Picture by Jesse Rowbottom

Picture by Kira Rowe

TweetFacebook Hunter Photography Prize 2017GOT your eye in with a fisheye lens? Fancy your selfies with a smart phone?

Well, here’s a chance to show just how good you really are behinda camera.

TheNewcastle Heraldand other Fairfax Media newspapers across the Hunter aresearching for the region’s best backyard photographer.

The Hunter Photography Prize is open toresidents of the Hunter region.

To be eligible your main source of income can’t be derived from photography.Photos must either be taken in the region or feature Hunter people.You can shoot your pictures with anything from a Box Brownie to an iPhone.

The overall winner will collect the Hunter Photography Prize.Our judges will select the winningand highly commended entries.The judges’ decisions are final. A readers’ choice award will be voted via theherald南京夜网419论坛 and otherwebsites.

FLOCK TOGETHER: Jo Davis’ shot at Newcastle Ocean Baths was the winner of the 2017 Hunter Photography Prize.

A selection of entries will be published in print editions and/or on the websites of theHeraldand other newspapers, including theMaitland Mercury,Port Stephens Examiner,Singleton Argus,Lakes Mail,Newcastle & Lake Macquarie Star,Cessnock’sAdvertiser,Dungog Chronicle,Muswellbrook Chronicle,Scone AdvocateandHunter Valley News.

The camera prize packages are from Domayne Kotara.

First prize: Nikon D3400 camera with 18-55mm lens kit valued at $729, plus a Vanguard shoulder bag and 500 free 6 x 4 prints.

Highly commended: Canon 1300D with 18-55mm lens kit valued at $588,plus a Vanguard shoulder bag and 500 free 6 x 4 prints.

Readers’ choice: GoProHero4 sessionvalued at $238plus 200 free 6 x 4 prints.

NEW WAVE: Leanne Maffesoni’s shot of a flesh-footed shearwater coming in to land on the ocean surface off Port Stephens was highly commended in 2017.

By entering, a person is stating the photograph was taken by them and that they own the copyright.

The photographer gives Fairfax Media and the associated mastheads permission to publish their submitted photographs in any form, including print, online, book, calendar or exhibition.

The photographer retains the copyright.

Email entries to [email protected]南京夜网419论坛 (maximum five photos, as JPEG attachments). Include your name, address, phone number, photo title, and a brief description of the image explaining who or what is in the picture as well as the date and location.

Write your name and “Hunter Photography Prize” in the subject field. Please note that not all photo entries will be published. Photos must be minimum 500kb and maximum of 2mb.Fairfax reservesthe right to crop a photograph.

The judges willincludesenior photographer Simone De Peak,Hunter Communities editor Anna Wolf, Heraldeditor Heath Harrison, senior deputy editor Lisa Allan, Lower Hunter acting editor Rick Allen and Upper Hunter editor Rod Thompson.

The competition closes at 5pm onJanuary 24, 2018.

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